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Britt McGraw is an abstract artist who recently relocated from Brooklyn, New York to her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. She has always had an affinity for the creative world and aesthetics: art, design, interiors, and fashion. She developed her love of painting at a young age. She remembers finding her mother’s art portfolio in the family’s attic one afternoon and wondering if she, too, might have this talent. And so it began at age ten with private art lessons and summer art camps. After college, Brittany moved to New York to pursue fashion. While working, she used painting as a release and a way to channel her daily inspiration. Five years later, she yearns to share her creativity with others. Working in her studio in Atlanta, she continues to explore color and technique and expand her eye for aesthetics and design. Through this exploration, she aspires to create one-of-a-kind pieces that speak to the soul, awakening one’s emotions through color and stroke.



  • Anne Irwin Emerging Artist Show, Atlanta, GA - Aug 2018

  • Spotlight on Art, Trinity School, Atlanta, GA - Feb 2019